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As LED technology is revolutionizing the lighting market, the LED light is definitely a good choice for you. It is
always a great investment to have a power-saving LED light bulb for your car. This energy-saving LED light bulb
features high brightness, low power consumption, long service life, anti-dust and anti-collision. It is safe and
reliable, a perfect eco-solution. Meanwhile, it is easy to install and operate. Save money in the long run and
facilitate your life from now on.




  • 100% Brand New
  • Low power consumption, long service life
  • Super white
  • Just plug in and replace stock light bulbs
  • No modification or changing wire needed
  •  light bulbs are equivalent to H8 H11
  • Voltage :DC12V  

  watts : 7.5

LED colour: Pure white
Package Includes: 2 * Bulbs
دو عدد لامپ 18 اس ام دی پر قدرت H11 : 2PCS Ultra Bright Car H11 HID Xenon White 18 SMD
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