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کیف کنار صندلی جدید

One Piece New styling car Seat Gap Storage Box

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  • Specifications:
  • New and high quality
    Material: PP
    Color: Black,beige,gray
    Catches items before they drop between seats
    Stop the items drop under the seat
    Creates extra storage within easy reach
    Helps prevents dangerous distractions
    Keeps hard to reach areas clean
    Installs in seconds – just slide into position
    One size fits all – flexible sleeve adjusts to fit
    Stays in place when seats are moved back or forward
    Virtually invisible to match any interior color
    Wash with soap and water
    It can also be used as a means to store a wide variety of items such as maps, sunglasses, pens and more
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  • Package Included : 1pcs 
کیف کنار صندلی - جدید :car Seat Gap Storage
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