H1 High Power 6000K Xenon White 68 SMD LED Head Fog Driving Light Bulb

Product Details:

This auction features one pair high power xenon white 68-SMD-3528 H1 LED bulbs for fog lights replacement.

This kind of 68-SMD H1 LED bulbs to replace the stock fog lights 55W halogen bulbs to give you a nice HID premium look without paying the price for the HID Conversion Kit.

It will replace the cars suggested in the parts compatibility list and many other cars as well, please check Osram Bulbs Guide to find out.


Xenon White 6000K
Amazing super bright lighting output
Replace: H1 stock bulbs
Voltage: 12V
Lifespan: 20000 working hours


Since the LED bulbs have lower wattage than stock 55W halogen bulbs, therefore when installing on some newer cars, you might need to add load resistors or special wiring harness to ensure the proper function.

دو عدد لامپ دارای ۶۸ اس ام دی H1 One Pair H1 68 SMD Pure White

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