H7 120 SMD Pure White
Car Light Lamp

one Pair


Since the nature of the item being offered might fit a large variety of different vehicle and functions, please make sure this is the correct application type of bulb.

LED Type: 3528 SMD (3.5mm×2.8mm)
LED Q'ty: 120 LED (108 around & 12 forward)
LED colour: Pure white
Socket type: H7 
Voltage: 12V only
Power: 2.8W
Color temperature: 6000K
Luminous flux: 450 - 500LM
Lifespan: 60, 000 hours
Head diameter: 20mm
Base diameter: 43mm
Total Height: 73mm

Package Include:
 H7 120 SMD LED bulb



چراغ ۱۲۰اس ام دی قدرتمند و بسیار نورانی One Pair H4 & H7 120 SMD Pure White

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