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  • Number Of Led: 8. Output Power: 8W. Voltage: Dc-12V
  • Light Within The Frame 4 By 19 By 5 Cm Line Stretching Before 60 Cm Pulled Up To 3 Meters
  • Product Dimensions 20 x 20 x 4 cm; 480 Grams
    Item part number PLK002
    Manufacturer Part Number PLK002
    Included 1 X 8 LED Police Light, Vacuum Suction Cups
    Bulb Type LED
  •  Warning Flash Red/Blue Car Light. Devices equipped with 12 volt DC power. Unique 8 LED flashing lights Can be connect to rear or front windshield of the vehicle Provides safety in hazy weather conditions like fog, heavy rain Low on power consumption without putting any extra load on battery Works with 12V current Steps of usage. Designed for convenient wind shield mounting with suction cups. Number of LED: 8. Output power: 8W. Voltage: DC-12V. Easy to use and install
پلیسی فدرال رو داشبوردی POLICE-FLASHING-LED

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