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 Car door LED light 2 pcs logo Laser LED Door courtesy Projector welcome Light old S(W221) V(W639) vito16- Linear16-


The lights can be compatible with Mercedes-Benz cars:
Mercedes-Benz S (W221) 2006-2013 Attention please: For above car models, before making order, please check whether your original car door light can be powered or not? If there is no power supply for your original door light, this items can't fit your car. Because even for the same model, some general configuration hasn't power supply for the door lights, only its deluxe configuration has power supply for the door lights.
Current: 0.15MA
Input Power: 5W
Color Temp: 6500K
Voltage: DC 12/24V
Material: PVC
Chip: CREE
How to replace car door light(Installation Instructions):
1. Use A Flathead Screwdriver to Remove and Disconnect Original Door Step Lights;
2. Plug in New Door Lights with Correspondent Connector;
3. Put new Door Lights to The Spot Where Your Original Lights Were;
4. Done! Logo Should Be Projected on The Ground.
Package include:
2 x Door light

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