BZ10 -  Mercedes-Benz CLS CLA C207
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BZ10 - Mercedes-Benz CLS CLA C207

Mercedes-Benz old C-class W203 CLA/SLK/SLR-class
special welcome light W208R171 welcome light projection lamp
  • برند: لوازم بنز
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  • کدکالا: 334282
  • ویژه
3,154,000 تومان


W203 CLS C218 CLA C207 W208 W209 R171 C117 CLA180 CLA200

Mercedes-Benz R ML class R300 R350 ML300 ML350 ML63


Product description

Compatibility for
CLA (CLA-Class) 2013--2017, C207 2010--2017, A207 2009--2017, CLS (C218) 2010--

1.Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove and disconnect the passing lights from the original doors; 2. Connect the new lights of the door with the corresponding connection .; 3. Place new door lights where your original stage lights up.
4.Logo must project on the ground.
in particular
Attractive and practical LED high brightness, which observe a minimum energy consumption and provide a super high visibility at night

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