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  • تعداد کالا: 1744
  • بازدید امروز: 1210
  • بازدید دیروز: 4354
  • بازدید کل: 6839963

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جدیدترین هاپربازدیدترین هامحبوب‌‌ترینپرفروش‌ترینارزان‌ترینگران‌ترین
تعداد نمایش 122448

Audi is an automotive brand from Germany that was established in 1899 by August Hoch. As one of the most famous brands in the world, sure, the Four Ring logo by Audi is recognized widely by people. Behind the logo, there is a long story that defines the company. It was started by the founder who must leave his first company because of a particular reason. Then, he started his second company. Well, the second company was named Audi.

In 1932, Hoch’s second company was merged with his first company along with other companies. The merger had a purpose to produce popular cars which would be demanded widely by people all around the world. Being established as a result of the unity of 4 companies, the team of Audi decided to design a logo with 4 rings attached to each other. It is the description of the merging process. Until now, the logo has never changed and is getting more iconic.

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تمامی حقوق متعلق به این سایت برای ایران جیلی محفوظ می باشد- دارای مجوز از وزارت صمت تاریخ اعتبار : معتبر تا تاریخ 1402/05/21-ایران جیلی هیچ شعبه یا نمایندگی دیگری ندارد.
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