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The lovers of sports cars must know this brand. Even the logo must be really familiar also. Yes, Ferrari is one of the top automotive brands in the world and it chose a jumping horse as the symbol. Many people may think that the horse may represent the agility and sportiness of the products it releases. However, Enzo Ferrari chose the symbol because it is believed to have a magic power inside.

The story begins when one of the Italian heroines, Countess Paolina suggested Enzo use the jumping horse as the logo of his first car. Paolina said that the logo can give a fortune to his company. The belief was getting stronger when she also attached the logo to her fighter. Because Enzo really wanted his business to run smoothly as well as the products being sold well, he decided to follow Paolina’s request. Whether the jumping horse is really magical or not, you can see that Ferrari is one of the most successful brands in the world. The cars are commonly even owned by the rich.

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تمامی حقوق متعلق به این سایت برای ایران جیلی محفوظ می باشد- دارای مجوز از وزارت صمت تاریخ اعتبار : معتبر تا تاریخ 1402/05/21-ایران جیلی هیچ شعبه یا نمایندگی دیگری ندارد.
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