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  • تعداد کالا: 1744
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  • بازدید دیروز: 4988
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جدیدترین هاپربازدیدترین هامحبوب‌‌ترینپرفروش‌ترینارزان‌ترینگران‌ترین
تعداد نمایش 122448

Mitsubishi was established in 1870. For many people, the company is only the producer of automotive products including cars. However, the Mitsubishi Group in Japan actually also produces other products; textiles, glasses, and even banking services. The company’s logo has never changed in 1914. It is the three diamonds that are commonly in red or in black. Even the name Mitsubishi itself literally means the three diamonds in Japanese.

The logo represents the family names of the founders; they are Yamauchi and Iwasaki. It is common for Japanese names to have long literal meanings. Well, Yamauchi means three teak leaves that are united in the middle. Meanwhile, Iwasaki means the three water chestnuts that look like diamonds. The families tried their best to put together their names to create a new name for their company. Finally, the result is Mitsubishi, with the three diamonds as the car emblem.

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