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جدیدترین هاپربازدیدترین هامحبوب‌‌ترینپرفروش‌ترینارزان‌ترینگران‌ترین
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The next brand’s logo to talk about is from BMW. BMW’s logo is a circle that is divided into 4 equally. Two of them are blue and two others are white. It is commonly surrounded by a bigger circle in black with the BMW letters on the upper part. The car symbol has been used since the first time the company was established. Uniquely, the team decided to choose it because it looks like a plane’s propeller in the past. What is the relationship between a car and the plane’s propeller?

It is based on the company’s history anyway. Before converting into a car company, BMW was a producer of plane engines from Germany in World War I. After the war stopped, the demands for the products were decreasing. Sure, it means that the income also declined and the team looked for other ways to maintain the company. BMW then decided to produce cars. Although there are ups and downs in the beginning, the company proves that the decision is not bad at all. Yes, BMW is one of the car company brands in the world until now.

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تمامی حقوق متعلق به این سایت برای ایران جیلی محفوظ می باشد- دارای مجوز از وزارت صمت تاریخ اعتبار : معتبر تا تاریخ 1402/05/21-ایران جیلی هیچ شعبه یا نمایندگی دیگری ندارد.
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